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    National ID, International Passport, Drivers License

    Authority: In exercise of the powers conferred on the Bank by Section 47 (3) of the National Central Bank Act 2007 (as amended) to issue guidelines for the maintenance of adequate and reasonable financial services for the public and to ensure high standards of conduct and management throughout the banking system; and Pursuant to its inherent powers, the National Central Bank hereby issues the following guidelines for the Regulation of Agent Banking and Agent Banking Relationships worldwide.

    Purpose: The Department of Card Services in All Travel Essential Card (ETMC) will use your information to conduct a KYC (Know your Customer) assessment. Your passport data page(s) and associated information will be provided to the Card Issuing partnering Bank for the purpose of KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation only. The Banks may retain your Identity documents and associated information in ITS DATABASE after the completion of this application and, while retained, your information may continue to be compared against other information submitted to or retained by the National Central Bank.

    Disclosure: Furnishing this information (including your SSN or BVN) is voluntary; however, if you do not provide your VALID ID or any other information requested,The All Travel Essential Card LLC. may be unable to complete your application for a All Travel Essential, Visa or Verve Card.


    Statement of Public Burden: This is a voluntary collection of information, but failure to provide the information may result in an inability to approve your eligibility for the requested Tourist Card Loyalty program or benefit. Enviroque estimates that the total average burden per response associated with this collection for enrollment is approximately 30 minutes. An agency may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to, a collection of information unless it displays a valid ETL control number. The control number for this collection is ETL 666105-0022.
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