Fund Card

With Cash at Any Checkout Lane

  • Simply bring your Tourist Card to any world wide partner shop or service desks at the Airports.
  • Ask the associate to load funds directly onto your Tourist Card.
  • The funds are immediately available for you to use.
  • Cash reload fee is 3% of loaded amount.

By Direct Deposit

The most convenient and FREE way to load your Tourist Card is by direct deposit.  . You can load up to $1,000,000 from your bank account onto your card as long as it is domiciled in your card account .You need full KYC  for these service (see fee schedule for details). Your funds will be available immediately.
It’s fast, easy, and FREE.

  • As a cardholder, you can enjoy an array of benefits  added to your Tourist Prepaid Debit Card upon successful direct deposit set up.

Mobile Check Load with Tourist Card Money**

Add funds to your card in minutes with the Tourist Card wire transfer App by  downloading this on  your smartphone for free.  **

Give up to 24 hours for cheques to clear before your card is credited.

We charge zero Forex fees.

Card-to-Card Transfer

Moving funds between your bank card and  our cards is simple. Login on our web portal, click on fund card button. Money is credited  into your Tourist Card in seconds.

FRAUD ALERT: For Anti Money Laundering purposes, we advice and it is important you register all  Credit cards with us before being used to make payment on our website. Any fraudulent  card transfer will be reported to appropriate authorities.

Funds by card transfers may take up to 24 hours before being processed and credited into your Tourist Card.  Wire transfers are more convenient alternatives.

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Fund Card by Direct Cash Deposit – Click Here



Fund Card by PayPal- Click Here

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