About Us

A short background on who we are

All Travel Essentials is a state of the art online retailer specializing in top-quality luggage, electronics, travel clothing, and travel accessories. We’ve been in business since 2004 in New York, Lagos and London United kingdom. Owned as a family business venture, we stock some of the best and most needed travel products across board.

We offer international sim cards, local  travel cards, world class designer shoes, clippers, shavers, souvenirs and more recently prepaid travel cards allowing travelers shop  safely in countries of their choice.

Collectively, we have traveled the length and breath of the world;We pride ourselves on our firsthand knowledge of all things that makes travel smooth. We’ve traveled extensively, and are always happy to share our travel insights with our customers. Our staff’s understanding of luggage and designer clothing materials, bespoke African Ankara, Adire and lace designs,  are cut to fit and manufacturing techniques sets us apart from the rest of the retail travel essentials industry. We offer summer and African bespoke designs to suit our clients, and  we routinely speak to arrays of world class designers of various clothing, watches, shoes, luggage and electronics manufacturers to give advice, learn the ropes, and forward the needs of our customers.

We recently ventured into the hospitality business where our guests can book hotels worldwide and enjoy great rates, ease of payment and a fantastic experience.

Our goal at All Travel Essentials is simple – happy customers. If you are unsatisfied with any purchase from our store, please contact us and we will do whatever else we can to make it right. Proof of purchase is required. We strive in everything we do to ensure your satisfaction with your shopping experience with us.

Thanks for visiting our site and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments about All Travel Essentials.


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