WORX WR150 Landroid L 20V Robotic Lawn Mower, Orange


Take the hard work out of yard work. Landroid is easy to install in just a few simple steps. Once you set up the charging base & lay down the perimeter wire, it’s ready to mow. Landroid is so smart, it builds an algorithm based on your yard’s specifications. Then, it programs itself with the most efficient mowing schedule for your lawn size. Â
Landroid lives outside, rain or shine. If the weather gets too harsh, it heads back to the charging station to wait out the storm. It keeps your yard perfectly manicured throughout the year, with offset blades that mow close to your lawns border. The razor-like blades cut just a little bit at a time, naturally fertilizing your lawn with the grass clippings left behind.
No need to stay home to keep an eye on your mower—you can delegate your lawn duties from anywhere. Just download the Android app to monitor & control It remotely. The app also lets you adjust Landroid’s mowing schedule, calculate your lawn size, & receive important alerts & software updates.
If your property is not fenced in, you may be worried about someone stealing your new robotic mower. But with find my Landroid, you’ll be notified if it’s ever taken out of its perimeter. Additionally, Landroid will automatically turn off if it’s picked up.
Landroid knows when the battery is running low & will follow the nearest Boundary wire back to its charging base. The high-performance 20V battery is compatible with any power or garden tool in the WORX power share family. This is the WR150 model that cuts up to ½ of an acre on one power share battery.

Features :
Fit For:Cub Cadet,MTD
Reference Number:754-3055,754-3055A,954-3055,954-3055A
Top Width[in]:5/8″ Outside Length[in]:112.68″
Protective Cover is Made of a Synthetic Rubber Compound Having Excellent Resistance to Heat,Oil and Abrasion.
Our Belts DO NOT Come

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